Husband and wife Bill and Tana Hartman founded Sparkle Buddy in 2007 in Redding, California.

The company was first known as Office Buddy as it focused on office cleaning/janitorial services. More and more customers who were thrilled with their results asked to have their homes cleaned as well and soon Home Buddy was born.

In 2017 the company changed its name to Sparkle Buddy to create a more cohesive brand that captured the sparkle their range of services brought to their customers.

A Special Passion for Cleaning

Sparkle Buddy truly brings a personal love of cleaning to their clients.

Cleaning Services In Redding

Tana’s love of cleaning began when she was a young girl visiting her great grandmother. When she would ask for one of her homemade cookies, her great grandmother would always make her earn it by cleaning. Young Tana embraced these challenges and loved helping her great grandmother with cleaning, something that came naturally to her. Plus, she is a sucker for cookies!

Cleaning Services In Redding

This early foundation created a love of cleaning that Tana enjoyed on the front lines in the early days of the business and today working to develop cleaning products and services to better serve Sparkle Buddy’s customers.