Having a clean home can really make such a difference in your life.

 And having regular housekeeping service like Sparkle Buddy can REALLY make a big difference in your life.

Keeping a house or business clean can be a daunting task and eat up so much of your free time. But with a regular service, your house gets cleaned and you can enjoy the benefits of a clean home AND your free time.

Benefits of a Clean Home or Business

1. A clean home is more peaceful.
At the end of the day, whether it’s our home or office, we want it to look good. Not only for our guests or clients but also for ourselves. Having a neat and tidy looking home makes you feel good and makes it easier to relax. So next time you have guests dropping by you wouldn’t have to rush to clean things up!

2. Help Prevent Pests From Settling In
Having piles of dirt, dust, food crumbs and other junk around the house is a red carpet invitation for insects to infest your house! That’s absolutely the last thing you’d want. Insects thrive in living in dirt and can multiply into such large numbers before you even know it. Having your place not cleaned thoroughly for days just gives insects a perfect breeding ground and also gives them a great place to feed off of.

3. Health and Hygiene
Probably the most important reasons to keep your house clean are maintaining good health and hygiene. Not only are allergies a concern, but dirt and dust collecting for long periods of time can cause a lot of unwanted bacteria and germs to accumulate and spread.   By using Eco-friendly, allergy-free cleaning agents we help keep you family safe and health without the use of harsh chemicals.  Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised and love the way their house smells when we are finished.

4. Air Quality
Did you know that indoor air can be up to 5x worse than outdoor air?  Better insulation indoors gives us protection from outdoor elements, but can also trap the flow of fresh air within our home.  To help combat the endless dust, dander, pollen, discarded skin cells (approximately 30,000 cells per minute!) and the dust mites that feed off them, we use superior, efficient high-filtration vacuums.  Our vacuum makes 99.98% pure clean air.  Breathe easy when Home Buddy & Office Buddy comes around!  Our high quality vacuums are certified Asthma & Allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.  Our vacuums pick up pet dander, dust mites, dust, pollen, skin cells, bacteria and other pollutants & contaminates.

5. Pride
Whether it’s your home or business, there is just a great feeling that comes with a space that sparkles and feels neat and orderly.


So let us take one more to-do off of you list and help your house or business sparkle!