Background Checked Cleaning Services In Redding


Reality check – this happened in our town!

Our clients have told us horror stories of past cleaning help that have done some pretty despicable things, but this one wins the prize on REAL LIFE CLEANING HORROR STORIES:

Please don’t let this happen to you…
How would you like to come home to your cleaning lady passed out on your couch, drinking from your stash of “the good stuff”, WHILE WEARING YOUR SWIMSUIT after a nice swim in your pool? Could you imagine? What would that conversation be? How would you get her out of your home? Then, after a long day – your house wasn’t clean AND you would have to 1. clean your home 2. re-key your house & get another alarm code 3. and of course – call that bathing suit A LOSS…Yes… This. REALLY. Happened.

Why hire us?

– Professional: Our team not only LOVES to clean – they are all trained and attend ongoing training’s to keep up with how to make your house sparkle – EVERY TIME! We have a Field Manager who is constantly going out with teams to make sure we are doing an excellent job for you – and is available to go out and fix things in case we are human and miss something that day. We are very reliable – we have been around for 10 years now, no worries for you to think we just took off or quit – we show up when we say we will.

– Friendly: Call us – you will get a live person on the other end to help you with getting set up. Meet us – we come out to your home with a huge smile, ready and wanting to impress you with our cleaning skills! We get to know your needs, your pets names and build trust starting from the first time you call.

– Safe: Your safety and the safety of your space is VERY important to us. Our teams are all Background checked (EVERY County, State, National & Sex Offender Registry) for the last 7 years! They all have to pass Drug Screening done by an outside company. We use Eco-Friendly products that are safe to use around your loved ones & pets.

– Reviews from our community: Do your homework – read reviews of what people in our community experience with our team & services! YELP! | GOOGLE | FACEBOOK

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